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Bella & Bessie

18th May 2015 on

It isn't easy to find someone to look at your dog and your house key! So was thrilled to meet Christine who has proved herself to be confident, competent and reliable. My dogs love her too....... thank you Christine for a first class service.


8th July 2015 on

Christine walks my dog, Toby, whilst I'm at work during the day. She is always on time, great with communication, and goes the extra mile to send me photos, updates, and little tidbits of information about Toby's "adventures" that always make me smile. It's good to know that I have someone I can trust with our dog, whom we love and cherish so much. We highly recommend her services.


4th June 2015 on

Christine popped in to keep my cat Hettie company whilst I was away for the weekend. They got on very well indeed! Christine loves animals and you are safe in the knowledge they will be looked after and given lots of attention in your absence.

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