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Photo Gallery

Of our adventures, fun and frolics.........

At the beach  featuring Charley & Meg

I am Charley, a black labrador, I am 4 years old

and love playing on the beach, retrieving sticks and balls and swimming in the sea  : )


My friend Meggie Moo, a red and white border collie came to play with me, she is much older than me, almost 11. She doesn't chase balls or sticks, she just likes to watch me intently and try to herd me. We both had fun!  : )

Wasdale Head & Wastwater featuring Sam, Billy & Meg

I am Billy, a Patterdale terrier, I am 9 years old. I live at Burnthwaite Farm. I'll be honest with you, I'm an independent dog and don't really need a dog walker as I wander around the farm, but when Christine comes, I like to go for a walk with Charley and Meg up towards Great Gable  : )  


I am Sam, a black and white border collie, I am 4 years old like Charley. We have been friends from puppies. I am a working sheepdog on the farm, but when there isn't enough work for me, like now, during lambing, I need to go for a walk. I can be a bit of a handful : ) 


I am Meg, a red and white border collie, I will be 11 years in August. I was born in Sedburgh, my canine mother is Jess, a working sheepdog. I have always had an insatiable appetite for walking, watching and herding.  

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